FEGO University Edition allows colleges and universities to manage the student evaluations & research assistant evaluation. FEGO software can be used by student to do the self appraisal, enter course details and other accomplishments and send it to their professors. Professors can in-turn can do their assessments for the students work with them. This totally automates the paper work currently managed by the admins, secretaries or training managers in university departments.



FEGO also centralizes all the student details, assessment details for various areas like Practicum, Research, Graduate Assistantship and other areas. This way all the information is easily accessible during the life time of the student in the university or college department.



FEGO can also be used by university and college departments to assess the faculty either directly by the student community or their peers or by everyone who work with them regularly. This enhances the quality of the education delivery, and learn from each other. This can be done either through defined KRA for various employees in the university by departments or by SMART goals definition by each one of them.