About us


We are a startup and we believe that we will be able to change the world with solutions for simple business problems like performance appraisal in any organization, with our easy to use and effective cloud based "SaaS" software. 'Performance' is an objective and a trait pursued by every individual and team to accomplish their goals. 'Performance' is a measure by which individuals and teams are assessed for their productivity, quality, timelines, and achievements on various goals.

FEGO - nurtured from the seed of a single idea powering "Peak Performance" in individuals, enterprises, organizations both private and public. FEGO streamlines the methods and process of performance assessment by collecting, managing, monitoring and assessing the objectives, goals, line of sight in the organization. FEGO is used in variety of customer use cases in Educational Institutions like schools, colleges and universities, enterprises of medium and small scale, and non-profits.

Our founders have worked in Fortune 100 and in many startups, and have experienced firsthand the success and failure of many organizations, and importantly the reasons behind them. In many instances, where the success is prominent, the goals and objectives are visible to everyone and clearly articulated so everyone knows their objectives and key results (OKR), adding to that there is a discipline in process implementation and availability of tools and best practices.

Our Vision

We focus all our energy everyday into one and only area - 'powering peak performance' in our customer organizations. Our vision is to enable every individual, organization to have the clarity of goals and line of sight from top to bottom, a method for timely reviews and feedback thereby improving the overall performance.

Our Mission

FEGO strives to provide the method, process, techniques and the tools to effectively manage this whole value chain. FEGO offers solutions for performance appraisal, Goals/Objective management, KRA/KPI administration with Balance Score card, and 360 degree feedback.

Meet The Team

Coming together is the beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success!


Balaji Radakrishnan, after completing his undergraduate degree with Suma Cum Laude and graduate degree in Computer Science from City University of New York in 1989 started his career with Parsons Brinckerhoff an engineering consulting firm. He held various positions in Fidelity Investments, Sun Microsystems and started his own technology services company in 1995. He is active in local community organizations supporting soup kitchen drives & fund raisers for public service events. He is very passionate about education initiatives for first generation Indian-American kids and spearheaded various workshops to champion this cause.


Nagarajan Ganesan a.k.a 'Nags' is based in Singapore, working for a leading Swiss bank as Vice President - Information Technology. He is responsible for 'Continous Improvement & Transformation' for the bank's Global IT Operations. He partners with many strategic vendors across the globe to bring in quality services, innovation and efficiency for the bank. In his 15years of experience - Nags held various leadership roles with the Swiss bank and in prior companies such as IBM Global Services and HCL. Nags holds Bachelor degree with Honors in 'Electrical & Electronics Engineering' and he is also certified on 'Program Management' from George Washington University, Washington D.C.

Dr. ChandraAdvisor

Dr. K.B. Chandrasekhar is co-founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Jamcracker. He is also the co-founder and Chairman of the Board of e4e Inc., a global technology holding company and Chairman of the Board of Aztec Software and Technology Services Limited, a publicly traded company on the Bombay Stock Exchange. In 1994, Dr.Chandra identified the potential of the Internet and founded Exodus Communications. Exodus went public in March of 1998 in one of the most successful IPO's of 1998. In 1999, Dr. Chandra was honored as the Ernst & Young Northern California Entrepreneur of the Year.


Viswanathan Srinivasan a.k.a 'Vishy' is a recognized Global Business/Technology leader in creating world class technology delivery capability and shareholder value through thought leadership, strategic thinking, superior execution, people orientation and personal dedication. His career highlights include MD, CTO, COO, President, and CEO positions in IT Services, consulting and Fortune 50 Financial Services companies at a global level. Most recently, Vishy was the Managing Director, Resource and Location Strategy, for Global Technology Infrastructure with JPMorgan Chase, and before that, was Senior Vice President, AD Excellence, for Chase Retail Financial Services (CFS). He spearheaded JPMorganChase thrust in strategic offshore sourcing in Applications Development/ maintenance, Business Process and Technology Infrastructure services, that resulted in annual savings of several hundred million dollars. Prior to JPMorganChase, he established and managed two offshore software companies, in India and Barbados, the first one a subsidiary of Citicorp in India – COSL . COSL was one of the founding members of NASSCOM, and led the adaptation of the CMM model in the Indian offshore industry. In the early phases of his career, Vishy worked in software development, project management, marketing and general management positions in the Tata group of companies. He has a Master of Business Administration in General Management from Indian Institute of Management IIM Ahmedabad , India, and Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology IIT Madras, India.


Mohan Narayanan is an acclaimed leader in the IT industry with more than 3 decades of experience helping the Indian knowledge industry grow to a global super power. His career has taken him across the world associating him with many Fortune 500 customers. In his last corporate assignment with Cognizant, he was instrumental in successfully spearheading one of the largest verticals in the organisation, Healthcare and Life sciences. Prior to Cognizant, Mohan worked with Tata Burroughs, Mumbai (currently TCS) for over 10 years and with Macneill & Magor Ltd for over 4 years. Mohan holds a masters degree from IIT Madras. Mohan has been a lead assessor in conducting more than a 100 leadership assessments in his consulting career. He is also part of various industry bodies like TIE, IIT-M Entrepreneurship forum etc. to promote and foster entrepreneurship He is a member of the scientific advisory board of Sciformix Corporation; a US based life sciences KPO and also sits on the board of Trigyn Technologies Ltd.