Who wouldn't agree that partnerships are the great way to grow mutually? At FEGO we believe that 'Performance' is the key factor to the success of the enterprises. The 'Performance' of the enterprise obviously depends on the engagement of the employees, their motivation and clarity in goals. Those with the clarity of goals on where to reach and when is sure to succeed than those aren't.

We at FEGO are obsessed with the 'Performance' and 'Quality' the two key mantras to success! We want to spread that to the world at large, and want to do our bit through our tools, consulting and advisory. We work across industry and our customers come from multiple verticals like manufacturing, IT services and products, educational institutions, SMB, telecom and others.

We also realize that we cannot reach out to every enterprise that is excited about 'Performance' and 'Employee Engagement' as we do. Hence we have the partnership model where the IT companies and HR consultancies who already have relationships with their customers.

Referral Partners

Our partners are working with in various capacities and know of an opportunity. You could refer the company to us with details such as contact person, contact details, information about the company. We will approach them with your approval and an email confirmation to pay you 10% of the sale value once the sale is closed and full payments are received.

Reseller Partners

In this case, our partners such as IT/HR companies both in big metropolis and small cities, towns already work with various industry verticals. They also are aware of the need of 'Performance Management' solutions. Moreover, they have a trusted advisor relationship with their customers. We could work together to offer the solution to your customers. We are also open to do a 'white label' solution using your brand if that is required. End of the day, it is a win-win-win deal for your customer, you and us.

Please write to us at We will be glad and assure to get back to you in 24 hours to take our partnership going.

Happy partnering! Let's create 'Peak Performance' culture!